Grow your ability to compete by bridging the divide between business and technology

Push your company to greater heights by driving synergies in how you strategize and work


Take friction out of the center of your Business and Technology relationship by taking greater AiMM™ at the customer.


Self-Defeating Friction



Market Driven Success

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  • Lack of interest for business and technology to engage since everyone is busy with other priorities

  • Lack of trust because of the business “profit center” vs. technology “cost center” perceptions

  • Lack of ability to take action to overcome the “business as usual” department focused inertia

  • Frame interest by positioning the problems that really matter!

  • Reflect to grow trust by designing the solution together and forging a joint mission and future!

  • Gain the ability to overcome inertia, using a repeatable proven approach!


 The First F500 Agile Business

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