What is an AiMM Canvas

The AiMM Canvas is the key to competing and winning in the marketplace.

What does it mean for you/how do you benefit?

  • The AiMM Canvass builds an action plan to deepen your business stakeholder relationships within the organization to pursue new opportunities toward business agility change.

  • Identifies key stakeholders and potential business agility blockers and supporters within your organization

  • Establishes a deep understanding of the critical perceptions and styles of stakeholders

When do you need an AiMM Canvas?

• When determining new areas to penetrate within the organization.

• When assessing the stakeholders to identify the possibility of success.


AiMM Canvas questionnaire

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1 = Based on the departmental objectives like on time, on budget and high quality 10 = Based on customer usage which impacts revenue, margin and market share
1 = None, it is entirely separate 10 = Continuous experiments run to gather market intelligence for product decision making
1 = Agile is in technology only 5 = Agile is In technology as well as separate business units that are disconnected 10 = Agile is technology connected with finance, marketing, and sales/support
1 = The product features are determined based on product owners perspective and their respective sources 5 = Product owners sometimes consult with sales/support, marketing and the rest of the business 10 = Sales/support and marketing have ongoing direct influence on product decisions and reflect customer desires and preferences
1 = Finance, marketing, and sales/support get involved after product launch 5 = Finance, marketing, and sales/support are involved at the start with funding and feature prioritization decisions 10 = Finance, marketing, and sales/support are involved at the start, and throughout the delivery cycle, with funding and feature prioritization decisions