Agile Bridge Solutions Announces Game Changing Business Assessment

                     Agile Bridge Solutions Launches Game Changing Business Agility Assessment

   (The Built to Compete Quadrant

[New York, NY, May 1, 2019] Agile Bridge Solutions, a Business Agility consulting firm has created the first of its kind diagnostic tool to measure and illustrate business agility; the ability of a company to sense market dynamics and respond competitively.  Called the Built to Compete Quadrant™, the assessment provides a business perspective to the critical insights into how a company is designed to compete in today’s digitally disruptive world.

The output of the Built to Compete Quadrant™ companies to better understand the critical areas of exposure which may be limiting their ability to pivot (i.e. change direction) and keep up with the pace of change. If companies cannot respond quickly with greater “agility”, they are self-limiting their ability to compete and win. With the output as a roadmap, companies can take a meaningful first step toward improving their ability to sense and respond and align critical stakeholder groups to foster greater competitiveness.

Agile Bridge Solutions is a business alignment consulting firm that helps Fortune 500 companies merge IT and business missions along one common agile journey. Through a comprehensive suite business alignment services, the firm provides diagnostics, senior level engagements, and business agility consulting tools that anchor a common mission of business growth and process improvement. 


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