EVENT May 15, 2019: Business Agility Seminar for the IIBA of Philadelphia


A great night with the IIBA sharing how to compete effectively as a modern techno-business. John Orvos and Bill Walton spoke about a company’s ability to be more agile as a whole (business and IT) is key to their ability to sense and respond to market opportunities!

Yet, while your company's agile efforts "scaling within technology" using various scaling  models (like SAFe) has found success, the business has not been fully engaged (Only 12% of agile adoption in IT is aligned or supported by the business: CA Technologies survey of 150 executives 2017, “The State of Business Agility,”).  As a result, the true potential of agility - to help organizations sense and respond to compete and deliver value - has not been realized. Join Bill Walton and John Orvos in a lively discussion and receive action business agility tips for your organization.

Click here to join us! https://ipc.wildapricot.org/event-3367366

John Orvos