Business Agility Workshop

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Achieving Business Buy-In™

The Business Challenge

One of the most important outcomes of the business shift to Agile has been the cultural impact of more productive development work. Like many organizations, Agile has developed strong affiliations at the division or work team level, but is struggling to engage stakeholders in the wider organization. This has created the risk of missed opportunities and unnecessary rework. For agile to truly reap its intended benefit, it has to provide broader business impact. Business executives are often firm in their ways of assessing the value in their relationship with technology and see agile development practices as a cost center. Now is the time for an Agile business ROI.

The Focus

Business Agility Workshop: Achieving Business Buy-In provides technology leaders, consultants and the business executives they partner with a process of establishing better links with the business interests of key stakeholders with their work. Coupled with crisp messaging and a business case, Business Agility Workshop is designed to help participants help business leaders inject long term ‘speed to market’ into their operating model by helping the organization understand and eliminate needless friction that slows down their ability to compete, innovate and grow.

Key Content

· Identify and articulate the agile benefits that can be applied to the business strategy

· Craft messaging for IT, Consultants and program managers to foster greater access to business heads

· Learn to avoid over-enthusiastic “agile zealot” conversations with business executives and ensure that every action relates to their goals

· Foster collaborative discussions designed to solicit the views, thoughts, and opinions about the business problems in their unit.

· Lead executives in creating a vision of new company processes that benefits the business

· Partner with the business to solve vexing business problems using an agile operating model.


By participating in Achieving Business Buy-In, participants will learn to:

· Map an organization and prepare stakeholder-specific engagement strategies

· Leverage research and prepare messaging and insights that are truly relevant to target executives

· Engage in conversations that validate executive business goals and ensure you focus on the key values to them

· Demonstrate how agile practices can support and thus drive business results for the enterprise

· Transform two individual missions by changing the business posture from a “just get it done” attitude into a “collaborator” with a single shared journey

· Master follow-up and implementation strategies that keep business lines engaged

· Communicate the results of the engagement with specific business units


Achieving Business Buy-In is designed for seasoned consultants, professionals, and management who need to improve business results in the stakeholder groups they serve.


Achieving Business Buy-In is delivered as a 1-day workshop.

This workshop leverages proven change management principles which have been customized to support conversations about agile within an organization.