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Achieving Business Alignment

The Business Challenge

In most organizations agile practices have developed strong affiliations at the technology department level but is struggling to be adopted by business stakeholders. This has created the risk of missed market opportunities and unnecessary rework. For agile to truly reap its intended benefit, to enable companies to have a competitive advantage, it has to align business and technology under a common shared mission. Now is the time for an Agile business to reach its true potential.

The Focus

Achieving Business Alignment provides business and technology leaders with a process of establishing better links with the shared interests of their work. Coupled with crisp messaging and a business case, Achieving Business Alignment is designed to help these executives understand and eliminate needless friction that slows down their ability to compete, innovate and grow.

This level of engagement will serve to create a starting point and mutual vision for agile business adoption by merging business interests toward a common market purpose that aligns with the foundational principles of organizational transformation. Achieving Business Alignment workshop will support the organization by helping to:

  • Break through barriers by alerting relevant business stakeholders about the impact of inaction that creates the interest and desire to embark on a common cause

  • Collaborate to understand constraints and co-design the ideal solution that builds trust and forges a joint mission that mirrors common principles and values

Key Content

· Establish a Built to Compete assessment, driven by the Business Agility Manifesto, that helps teams better understand their ability to sense and respond while highlighting specific blind spots in their agile approach. The diagnostic is part of the first step of a business agility transformation process.

· Identify and articulate the agile benefits that can be applied to the business strategy and craft messaging that answers the “why”. Engage in conversations that validate executive business goals and ensure a focus on the key values that align with an agile business. Alert activities entail an outbound campaign to influence IT and business stakeholders to realize they need to change in their role. The Alert stage helps IT and the internal business move toward a joint goal of agile optimization. Activities include consulting sessions using Built-to-Compete Quadrant™ results that highlight the ramifications of inaction. Alert activities include crafting compelling messaging and impact statements that are tailored for business heads to compel them to invest time to engage.

· Learn to avoid over-enthusiastic “agile zealot” conversations with business executives and ensure that every action relates to their goals. Instead, foster collaborative discussions designed to solicit the views, thoughts, and opinions about the business problems in their unit. Transform two individual missions by changing the business posture from a “just get it done” attitude to a “collaborator” mindset with a single shared journey. Mirror activities are designed to get executives to build trust around a joint ideal (agile) state. We work with business and IT leaders to reflect and collaborate in order to craft solutions together around an ideal state. Since every team works differently we strive to connect them by a common principle, lexicon and values that deliver customer value.

expected Outcomes

By participating in Achieving Business Alignment, participants will learn to:

· Map an organization and prepare stakeholder-specific engagement strategies

· Leverage research and prepare messaging and insights that are truly relevant to target executives

· Engage in conversations that validate executive business goals and ensure you focus on the key values to them

· Demonstrate how agile practices can support and thus drive business results for the enterprise

· Transform two individual missions by changing the business posture from a “just get it done” attitude into a “collaborator” with a single shared journey

· Master follow-up and implementation strategies that keep business lines engaged

· Communicate the results of the engagement with specific business units


Achieving Business Alignment is designed for business executives, seasoned consultants, professionals, and management who need to improve business results.


Achieving Business Alignment is delivered as a 1-day workshop.

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