Agile Business Capabilities



To compete effectively as a modern techno-business, your company’s ability to sense and respond to market opportunities and threats is vital. Therefore, we have created these six Agile Business Capabilities. This outlines the key attributes a company must embrace to compete both today, and in the future.

As a leader, do you struggle to walk on the best side of that faint line between truly transformative organizational change across your line of business, and merely tactical change?

All leaders struggle to walk that line because they often confront the seemingly immovable forces of misaligned missions. These misaligned missions, often rooted deep in different perspectives, becomes the very reason for struggling to succeed in any needed business transformation.

It’s clear that we need a new lens through which to see, think and unite to drive holistic competitive advantages. The tenets of that alignment, to achieve true market oriented business success, are uncovered in this Agile Business Capabilities. Our intention is to introduce truths from the work across hundreds of transformations -- truths that introduce a set of tenets that enable business agility. The truths are put into action and measured with the Built to Compete Quadrant™.

We are discovering better ways of developing sense-and-respond businesses. Through this mission we have come to value:

Market & Customer Sensitivity over “Egonomics”

Responsiveness over Speed

While there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.

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