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To compete effectively as a modern techno-business, your company’s ability to sense and respond to market opportunities and threats is vital. Therefore, we have created the Manifesto for Business Agility. This manifesto outlines the key attributes a company must embrace to compete both today, and in the future.

Our intention is to introduce truths from our work across hundreds of transformations -- to introduce a set of values that enable modern techno-businesses (sales, marketing, finance, technology, etc.) to achieve optimal business outcomes.

In the spirit of continuously seeking truths, we bravely intend to mature as we collectively learn from each experience. This is an open invitation for any feedback and thoughts to make this manifesto yours as well as ours.

Additional contributing authors will be recognized and acknowledged in addition to the original authors above as we progressively mature the Manifesto for Business Agility.


Manifesto for Business Agility

(January 2019)

We are discovering better ways of developing sense-and-respond businesses.

Through this mission we have come to value:

Market & Customer Sensitivity over Egonomics

Customer Outcomes over Company Outputs

Market-minded Collaboration over Top-down Communication

Customer-empathetic Organizations over Self-actualizing Organizations

Responsiveness over Speed

Hypothesis-generated Value over Assumption-constrained Results

Calibrated Business-capabilities over Integrated Business-functions

Human-centric Organizations over Self-preserving Organizations

While there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.

John Orvos Bill Walton Anonymous Anonymous Si Alhir

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