Business Agility Manifesto Workshop

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The Business Challenge

Business agility involves sensing and responding to internal and external conditions. This definition emphasizes two dimensions: sensing or sense-ability and responding or response-ability. The Business Agility Manifesto expresses a clear point of view that exposes the tensions between sense and response, across and within the dimensions critical to business success.

This workshop is a conversation starter as we grow together as a community. Based on various case experiences, we’ll explore the design of the manifesto and why that’s important, and we’ll delve deeper into an explanation of the intent of the manifesto line by line.

With this understanding, participants will gain various insights in how to better leverage Open approaches for Business Agility. If you are looking to achieve Business Agility, don’t miss this workshop.

The Focus

Business Agility Manifesto Workshop provides technology leaders, consultants and the business executives they partner with a process of establishing better alignment with the business interests of key stakeholders with their work.

Business agility, as elaborated in the manifesto, is the ability to calibrate (diametrically opposed truths) that are central to competing. The need for calibration is a continuous struggle to openly self-define a reality where the organization can sense and respond to both the external market and internal needs for robustness. This is where the variety of open leadership techniques can come into play, to help enable the finely tuned strategies and actions which invite layers of interactive leadership.   

Join us to experience the thinking at the core of the Business Agility Manifesto and how it enables your organization’s alignment for ultimate success.

Key Content

We’ll explore together:

  • The vision behind the design and “tenets” of the Manifesto for Business Agility

  • How to achieve greater Business Agility

  • How to imbue Sense-ability and Response-ability in your Operating Model


By participating in Business Agility Manifesto Workshop, participants will learn to:

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Business Agility Manifesto Workshop is designed for seasoned consultants, professionals, and management who need to improve business results in the stakeholder groups they serve.


Business Agility Manifesto Workshop is delivered as a 1-day workshop.

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