Manifesto for Business Agility


To compete effectively as a modern techno-business, your company’s ability to sense and respond to market opportunities and threats is vital. Therefore, we have created the Manifesto for Business Agility. This manifesto outlines the key attributes a company must embrace to compete both today, and in the future.

Our intention is to introduce truths from our work across hundreds of transformations -- to introduce a set of values that enable modern techno-businesses (sales, marketing, finance, technology, etc.) to achieve optimal business outcomes. The manifesto truths are put into action with the Built to Compete Quadrant™.


Manifesto Truths

We are discovering better ways of developing sense-and-respond businesses. Through this mission we have come to value:

Market & Customer Sensitivity over Egonomics (“Sense”)

Customer Outcomes over Company Outputs


Market-minded Collaboration over Top-down Communication


Customer-empathetic Organizations over Self-actualizing Organizations


Responsiveness over Speed (“REspond”)

Hypothesis-generated Value over Assumption-constrained Results


Calibrated Business-capabilities over Integrated Business-functions


Human-centric Organizations over Self-preserving Organizations


While there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.

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