Participate in conversations with Fortune 500 executives to learn their views, successes and challenges in achieving business agility

This provides a unique, entertaining, high tempo "radio-show" experiences for technology and business executives from Fortune 500 organizations to share best practices about business agility. These are produced in short, easy-to-view episodes that members can follow the story as well as contribute their thoughts and requests to steer the next episode. Viewers have a say to how the story unfolds from one episode to the next!




Fortune 50 Telecom Company

TITLE: Be Agile – Don’t Just Do Agile // Doing is not “Being”

SUMMARY: Eric, Sr. IT Manager, introduces concepts and practices that proved real value to the business, but not without a challenge! 

Fortune 100 Business Services Company 

TITLE: Speed to So-So

SUMMARY: Paulo, Sr. Director of Application Development, received accolades for building things fast, but sees how it’s not all that’s needed – or all that’s possible!  

Fortune 500 Business Services Company

TITLE: Leading the Charge for Change

SUMMARY: Ilio, VP Lean Enterprise and Agile Delivery, dives deep into business goals and change practices, leaving out “Agile” language to get executive buy-in.

Fortune 500 Business Services Company

TITLE: Sparking the Fire

SUMMARY: Jon,IT Vice President & Group Manager, gets results with scaled agile, yet sees opportunity for more. He shares ideas on how to spark business agility throughout the organization to get even bigger results.

Fortune 50 Insurance Company

TITLE: What’s in a Name?

SUMMARY: Shannon, Senior Executive & COO, creativity drives agility throughout her organization already fatigued with “Agile” zealots.

Fortune 50 Telecom Company

TITLE: The Break-Out

SUMMARY: This enterprise agile coach wants to unleash even greater innovation beyond scaled agile in IT. He challenged the business to become part of the solution.

Fortune 50 Telecom Company

TITLE: Swimming with Sharks

SUMMARY: Aroon, Head of Technology Strategy, has a creative vision for an agile business gets the entire business talking, “Shark Tank” style!

Fortune 50 Financial Services Company

TITLE: Be the Doctor

SUMMARY: Jerry, Executive Director, Application Delivery, Wealth Management, shares how he changed the conversation and created a collaborative effort to drive the business forward.

Fortune 100 Business Services Company

TITLE: We All Win

SUMMARY: Adrian, Product Manager, Small Business Services, bridged the gap between the business and IT by valuing customer feedback most! Sales, IT, and customers all came out as winners.

Fortune 50 Insurance Company

TITLE: The Game-Changer

SUMMARY: Michelle, Agile Transformation Leader, earned conversations at the table by bringing real ideas for the business, which meant more than “Agile” jargon!

ExCerpt from an episode:

"Leading the Charge for Change"

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