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Achieving Business Agility: Strategy Overview

Even after over fifteen years of agile evangelism, consulting, and adoption efforts, agile practices remain largely within the technology arena and organizations still struggle to expand this success to encompass the whole business. Despite the increasing importance for companies to stay competitive against digital disruptors, agile practices are too often stuck in the technology box, remaining disconnected from the business. As a result, technology can claim departmental success with agile ways of working to improve software development efficiency and speed but organizations are still falling short of the true potential to enhance their overall performance.

Built to Compete Quadrant

How your company drives to success with emerging competitive and customer pressures boils down to the ability to change quickly, or to sense and respond. The Built-to-Compete Quadrant™ measures the ability of your company to respond based on what is sensed. It is a simplified, easy-to-measure assessment of the two most important factors that determine the company’s ability to sense and respond.

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