John Orvos

John Orvos brings techniques from over 20 years’ experience as a business consultant, agile practice leader, and award-winning agile strategist. John has led transformations along-side hundreds of agile consultants dealing with adopting and scaling agile in Fortune 500 organizations. Over the past two years, John has been challenged by these customers to accomplish even more ambitious goals - an agile business - in order for them to better compete against digital disruptor competitors. John provides a fresh business-oriented perspective on how to enable an entire organization to achieve business agility.


Bill Walton

Bill Walton is a keynote speaker and worldwide authority on value creation. As a Wharton facilitator and amazon best-selling author, Bill has been helping sales organizations and the teams that support them operate in an agile environment. Bill works supports clients as they seek to create cultural change around the execution of their company’s value proposition. Heads of Sales, Marketing, IT and Finance rely on Bill for helping their teams achieve business agility.