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While organizations realize the importance of becoming more agile to compete, they have been turning to the agile thought leaders for answers. These agile leaders acknowledge and recognize the vital need to fully engage the business (not just technology) to truly enable organizational agility.

“We have adopted agile practices for many years in technology; increasing our productivity and building our products more effectively. We need to get business buy-in and find leaders to sponsor this agile effort beyond technology. However, even with this great success, the business will not engage with us." -Head of Agile Transformation, Fortune 500 Telecom Company

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What would our business look like if we put all of our energy into winning smart in the market?

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• Reduce the Friction of Self-Competition – Many businesses put serious effort into defending, defining and securing their internal place and funding, but that effort isn’t tipping the scales vs. your competition.

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• Get Focused and Fast – Growing and protecting markets, products and services is the name of the game so design that mission into the entirety of your organization – Business, operations and technology.

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• Create Opportunity – Every individual and business is either growing or declining, the only way to keep the engine going is to create opportunity that gets the best out of people and builds the environment necessary for success.


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