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Agile Bridge Solutions (ABS) is an "Agile M&A" firm. Different from Agile Training and Consulting firms, we work with Fortune 500 companies to forge Business and IT mergers in the  form of greater alignment.  This alignment takes the form of planned interaction, issue-specific forums, and strategic “on-sites” that validate and affirm key stakeholder groups in order to calibrate business strategy with IT capability. The organizations we work with are techno-enabled businesses operating in fiercely competitive industry and sub-industry segments. In partnership with you we will create business alignment and hand off to your agile consultants.

ABS focuses on solving a common customer problem: Only 12% scaled agile is aligned with the business (Source: CA Technologies survey of 150 executives 2017, “The State of Business Agility”). ABS provides scaled leadership consulting services using our proprietary model AiMM™ to  create "business alignment" on a common long-term agile journey with IT.  No matter where clients are on this journey, we are enhancing customers' scaled agile/lean implementations thereby avoiding this misalignment problem.

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What would our business look like if we put all of our energy into winning smart in the market?

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• Reduce the Friction of Self-Competition – Many businesses put serious effort into defending, defining and securing their internal place and funding, but that effort isn’t tipping the scales vs. your competition.

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• Get Focused and Fast – Growing and protecting markets, products and services is the name of the game so design that mission into the entirety of your organization – Business, operations and technology.

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• Create Opportunity – Every individual and business is either growing or declining, the only way to keep the engine going is to create opportunity that gets the best out of people and builds the environment necessary for success.


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